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What is Rosetta Course™?

Rosetta Course™ is the cornerstone of your experience as you learn a language. You will learn exclusively in your new language, without translation, quickly gaining the confidence to communicate. The Rosetta Stone Dynamic Immersion ® Method immediately teaches you to think in a new language by connecting words with vivid imagery in real-life contexts to convey meaning. Rosetta Course keeps track of your progress along the way and you can reinforce your learning on the go with the Audio Companion.

Rosetta Course is divided into Units with Lessons and Focused Activities. Core Lessons will teach you new language, while Focused Activities build skills and reinforce the language you've learned. At the end of each Unit, a conversational Milestone prepares you for live practice in Rosetta Studio™. There are 4 Core Lessons and a Milestone within 1 Unit. There are 4 units per level.

TOTALe Online® and TOTALe PRO®

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